JPN Guide to Science Museums in Japan


Let’s visit the Industrial Museums and Historical sites!!


There are many prominent Industrial Museum found in Japan
We found a considerable number of industrial technology-related museums in Japan which are managed by private companies and local governments. Each of them stands out in demonstrating its uniqueness even the scales are various.In this corner, we introduce the museum activities among them, particularly, the museums which focus on the industrial technology in Japan.

Role of Industrial Museum in Industrial Technology Development
Looking back to the history, Japan has been vigorously promoted modern manufacturing industdentaku x04ry as an axis of the economic development and nation building since Meiji era of 19c and also in the post-war economic development period too. Such historical evidences are found broadly in the exhibitions of the industrial museums throughout Japan. Especially several industrial museums of Japan clearly show how development technology has been progressed in the history and current situation of cutting-edge technology, and its future challenges and perspectives by the easy accessibility.
We hope that many people from overseas will come and visit, and enjoy these museums to understand and find some about Japanese societies and industries.

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  1. List of Science and Industrial Museum in Tokyo area (1)
  2. List of Science and Industrial Museum in Tokyo area (2)
  3. List of Science and Industrial Museum in Tokyo area (3)

Introduction of the Museum
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  • The Miraikan; National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Tokyo) 
    Visitors will experience the science and technological progress of today, from basic day-to-day science to the latest and future cutting edge technologies, including life science, earth and space science, industrial technology, and others.


  • National Museum of Nature and Science (Tokyo)
    The exhibit of National Museum widely covers all round objects from natural science, humanities, to the various technology items. But in this Guide, mainly introduce the development history of Japanese industrial technology.  

MM=National Museum_01MM=National Museum_02MM=National Museum_03MM=National Museum_04MM=National Museum_05MM=National Museum_06MM=National Museum_07MM=National Museum_08

  • The Railway Museum (Omiya, Saitama)
    Railway Museum was built
    as the centerpiece of the JR East 20th Anniversary Memorial Project and the historical evidence of 100 year Japanese railway technology development.

MM-Railway Museum_01MM-Railway Museum_02MM-Railway Museum_03MM-Railway Museum_04MM-Railway Museum_05MM-Railway Museum_06MM-Railway Museum_07MM-Railway Museum_08

  • Toyota Commemorative Museum (Nagoya)
    Museum Visitors
    will be inspired how Japanese techno-entrepreneurs explored the new sphere of manufacturing industries, and what kind of technology had supported them by observing exhibits.

MM-Toyota C Museum_01MM-Toyota C Museum_02MM-Toyota C Museum_03MM-Toyota C Museum_04MM-Toyota C Museum_05MM-Toyota C Museum_06

  • Toyota Museum (Nagoya)
                             (Sorry! Under preparation)
  • Nissan Museum (Yokohama)  
    (Sorry! Under preparation)

MM-MAZDA Museum_01MM-MAZDA Museum_02MM-MAZDA Museum_03

  • TEPCO  Electric Power Historical Museum (Kawasaki, Kanagawa)
         The Museum designed to enable visitors to trace the 120-year history of the Japanese electric power industry  by showing huge collection of actual historical objects, like generators and transformers, and other important facilities related  electricity.

MM-Tepco Museum_01MM-Tepco Museum_02MM-Tepco Museum_03

  • Toshiba Science Museum (Kawasaki, Kanagawa)
    Visitors will be
    appreciated how Japanese broad and high level of electric technologies were built and how the cutting-edge electric devices were born in Japan, exemplified by Toshiba, by the viewing Museum exhibition

MM-Toshiba Museum_01MM-Toshiba Museum_02MM-Toshiba Museum_03MM-Toshiba Museum_04MM-Toshiba Museum_05MM-Toshiba Museum_06

  • Panasonic Center (Tokyo)
          The museum displays many eye-catching Panasonic technology products as a showcase, including energy saving, environment friendly household goods, futuristic innovative products

MM-Panasonic Center_01MM-Panasonic Center_02

  • The SEIKO Museum (Tokyo)
    Seiko Museum gives us the precious knowledge about the story on the development of horology and precision machinery technology.

MM-SEIKO Museum_01MM-SEIKO Museum_02MM-SEIKO Museum_03MM-SEIKO Museum_04

  • Paper Museum (Tokyo)
    Visitors will learn how the paper was introduced in Japan and how uniquely advanced modernized its technology by Japanese craftsmen and engineers

MM-Paper Museum_01MM-Paper Museum_02

  • Printing Museum (Tokyo)印刷博物館
    Visitors can get a fresh understanding for the history of printing which is one of the major technological revolution, the way of information and art by print technology, and its future possibility here in the

MM-Printing Museum_01MM-Printing Museum_02MM-Printing Museum_03MM-Printing Museum_04

  • Chiba Museum of Science and Industry (Ichikawa, Chiba)
    Visitors will find
    many Japanese industrial technology in the exhibits including energy, petroleum, iron and steel, and machineries with good guidance. They can also available scientific knowledge by the touching and doing by themselves on the floor.

MM-Chiba Museum_01MM-Chiba Museum_02MM-Chiba Museum_03MM-Chiba Museum_04

  • Museum of Science (Tokyo Univ Science, Tokyo)
    At this museum, you can learn the development histories of calculators and of audio recording devices, as well as history of TUS university. This museum has received the designation “History of Computing Satellite Museum” by the Information Processing Society of Japan.

MM-TUS Museum_01MM-TUS Museum_02MM-TUS Museum_04MM-TUS Museum_05MM-TUS Museum_06

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