♥  Why This Home Page!?

M16=Chiba xx01   This Web Site is providing a visual overview of development of Japanese industry, focusing on Japan’s two major industrial sectors: automobiles and electric and machinery. The materials outline the development process of these industries, including the social background, processes of technology transfer and innovation.  Particularly, the materials will review the contributions of Japanese scientists, engineers, and industrialists to the technological innovation in the global perspective.

♥  Importance of Technology Development for Industrialization

The development of advanced technology and promotion of modern industries are Automobil-Illustx01images
regarded as national agendas in the Asian emerging economies. Therefore, the cultivation of talent of engineers are quite important to pursuit these goals in the county. This seems particularly true in the countries like Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries in order to activate there industries in the global world.

♥  How can Japanese Experience share with other countries.

M15=Printing xx10Back to the Japan, the similar efforts had been made for building of industrial modernization, from Meiji period, even after the Pacific War. The government and people have realized the importance of technology in the process and emphasis on the talent development of business and engineering especially learned a lot of absorbing advanced technology from advance countries. So that I think the Japanese experience might be shared with many countries to seek the way of promotion of industrial technology and economy.

♥  Hoping the Web info to be useful  

In this meaning, I hope this small Web homepage might give some kind of suggestions to the young studeHitox06nts and researchers of emerging countries. It would be happy if the materials could contribute in forming a more concrete idea of the directions and possibilities for global technological development, and furnish opportunities for interaction in the fields of engineering and technology between Japan and Asia.
Of course, I should admit that there are many imperfections, errors, and inadequacies in resulting from the short time to prepare in addition of the limited resources.

Finally, I extend my thanks to the various individuals and organizations which lent their assistance to the production of these materials.



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