M09 TEPCO Museum

♣ Tepco Electric Power Historical Museum (Kawasaki, Kanagawa)

The Museum designed to enable visitors to trace the 120-year history of the Japanese electric power industry  by showing huge collection of actual historical objects, like generators and transformers, and other important facilities related  electricity.

URL: http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/shiryokan/guide/index-e.html

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The most exhibited machines and facilities are historically produced by Western electric companies, but Japan has absorbed effectively their technology, and developed them by their own technology. The evidence are well visible in the exhibition.


4-1, Egasaki, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama,230-8510 JAPAN
(Next to the TEPCO Engineering Research & Development Center)

Unfortunately, In the wake of 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster,  the museum was temporally  closed , but the exhibition itself will be partly observable under the certain condition.

Major Exhibition of TEPCO Museum

The exhibition tells the long time story of Japanese Electric Technology Development–from Meiji (19c) to Heisei (21c)

M07=Tepco xx02

The Ornamental Lamp at the 
Gate of the Imperial Palace

The exhibit is one of the six ornamental lamps installed on the stone bridge,known as the Double Bridge,at the front gate of the Imperial Palace.
From the time the ornamental lamps were formally turned on in 1893,
they cast light over the Double Bridge for more than 90 years.

M07=Tepco xx03

Edison direct-current generator

This generator is a typical example of the lineup and the same type as the generator used for electric lighting at the Shimotsuke Linen Spinning Company’s spinning mill in 1890.

M07=Tepco xx12
A Thomson’s Closed Arc Lamp

Japan’s history of electric lighting began
with arc lamps. Between the early
Meiji period and the Taisho era,
arc lamps were extensively used to
illuminate assembly halls,
public squares, parks and factories.

M07=Tepco xx04

The private water turbine and generator at Kanaya Hotel

This is a private power generator actually used at the Nikko Kanaya Hotel in Tochigi Prefecture. This hotel generated its own electricity to light an electric lamp more than 100 years ago.

M07=Tepco xx13

Turbine Generator Used at the Nikko Daiichi Power Station

The Nikko Daiichi Power Station was one of the typical power stations
constructed in the early period after the WoridWar I during which numerous
wholesale power suppliers competed for customers. Since its completion
in 1918, the power station ran for approximately 70 years.

M07=Tepco xx14

Turbine Generator Unit No. 1 Used at the former Chiba Thermal Power Station

This is tiie large-capacity advanced turbine generator imported from
the General ElectricCompany of the United States in order to meet rapidly
Increasing electricity demand during the reconstruction period after the World War II. It was used at the Chiba Thermal Power Station that went into operation in 1957. It was the world’s most advanced machine in its day and
one of Japan’s largest turbine generators.

M07=Tepco xx15

Japan’s First Homemade
Gas Turbine for Power Generatior

This is Japan’s first domestically manufactured
practical gas turbine for power generation,
itwas developed asan engine for a high-speed
torpedo boat during World War !l,and laid
the foundation for subsequent gas turbine
technologies in Japan.

M07=Tepco xx05

The No.1 Turbine Generator Used at the Chiba Thermal Power Station

The  Generator is 23 meters long. This was the most-advanced turbine generator in the world and was the largest in Japan when the operation was started in 1957.

M07=Tepco xx06

Plant (Nuclear) Engineering Model

The exhibit is the engineering model produced between 1983 and 1988 for a plant layout and design in the Units No. 2 and No. 3, Mark II advanced reactor containment vessels, in the Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Station.


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