Museum”Bridgestone Today”

Guide to the “Bridgestone Today”

 Bridgestone TODAY is a museum that houses a variety of displys introducing rubber, tires, and other Bridgestone Co. information.

  • Accsess: Location: Ogawa Higashimachi,  3-1-1, Tokyo 187-8531, Japan
    Phone:  (+81) 042-342-6363 Admission Hours :10am – 4pm
    Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays, public holidays)

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♠ Museum Outlook

bs-illustx04-museum-pic  Rubber and tires are used in various places throughout society and have become an indispensable part of everyday life. Bridgestone TODAY makes use of a variety of mediums, including exhibits, panels, videos, and interactive learning apparatuses, to describe rubber and tires to visitors in an easy-to-understand way.


♠ History Corner of Bridgestone Co.

BS-Ishibashi x01.JPGBS- Pamph x01.JPG

T^is corner details historical episodes involving Bridgestone’s founder, Shojiro Ishibashi, and explains the various cultural and educational contributions that he has mads in Kurume, the city in which the company was born. Visitors are also able to view the entire history of Bridgestone Corporation, from its founding to the present day.

♠  Corner of Exhibition of Tires and their Features

BS- Pamph x02.JPG This corner features displays that allow visitors to view a side of tires that is rarely seen, such as their internal constructicn, and the rubber, steel cord, and other materials from they are made. It also contains an apparatus that enables visitors to experience ftst-hand the different capabilities of different rubber. Furthermore, this comer displays a wide-variety of tires, including car and truck tires, airplane tires, and even the worid’s largest dass of tires like those used on mining trucks


♠  Corner of Seismic Isolation Rubber

BS- Pamph x03.JPG
Bridgestone doesn’t just make tires. It also manufaciiires seismic isolation rubber for
construction-use, that supports the buildings. Visitors are able to see Bridgestorre TODAY building being supported by seismic isolation rubber.

♠   Exhibition Corner of Tire Production

BS-Production process x02.JPG

This corer introduces the process of tire development. and the development and production systems that allow us to respond to customer needs.


♠  New Initiatives of Bridgestone

bs-eva-film-x01   bs-tire-x05-energy-saving bs-tire-x09-air-free  bs-structure-02-cross-section

This  corner leis visitors see Bridgestone’s enviionmenteily friendly technologies
including Run-Flat Tires, which let you drive even with a puncture, and ECOPIA
tires, which contribute to improved fuel efficiency irt automobiles. It also introduces vis
itors to Bridgestone’s non-lire technologies, such as EVA film, which is used in solar modules.

♠  F1 Car Race Exhibition

BS-F1 exhibition x01.JPG This cornel Introduces the various motorspons that Bridgesione supports. It features displays such as the test car that was used in preparation (or participation in F1 racing, tires that were used in actual races, and motorsports commemorative tires


♠ Other Attractive Exhibition

bs-tread-pattern-x02 bs-tire-x07-biggest bs-dorphin-x02 bs-f1-exhibition-x02 bs-tire-test-x01  bs-structure-01

(Note: The comments here is based on the Museum "Bridgestone TODAY" Guide Pamphlet)