Electric and Machinery Industrial Technology; Historical Review

robot x05    This corner shows a visual overview of the development of Japanese electric and machinery industry. The slide view will observe the outline of development of these industries over time, including the social background, processes of technological adoption and development, and initiatives in technological innovation with figures of prominent entrepreneurs.

Electric and Machinery Industry; Historical Review

  • Global Pioneers of Electric Application
    Initial Stage Application of Electric Technology to the Industries will be shown in this section with major figures of pioneers such as Siemens, Bell, Edison, Herz, and others.
    EE-Global Application titleEE-Global application contents 1
  • Global Pioneers of Electro Tube and IC
    In the 1850s, the electron device technology was advanced fast to produce a series of sophisticated electric tube. And s
    ince n 1950s, the IC and LSD took over the electric tube. The development process is shown in this section.
    EE-global Electric tube titleEE-global Electric tube contents
  • Global Pioneers of Computers
    This section shows the brief development history of computer in the global perspectives. Several prominent pioneers and machines in the field are introduced. .
    EE-global computer titileEE-global computer contents
  • Early Stage of Japanese Electric Technology
    In 1878. electric lights were introduced in Japan for the first time. Since then many engineers tackled to develop various electric devices. In this section, its development process is shown here along with changing social life by them .
    EE-J elctoric early stage titleEE-J elctoric early stage contents
  • Development of Japanese Electric Machinery
    Technology of electric machinery was initially cultivated in Meiji by ambitious engineers in Meiji. Since then the industries has grown rapidly and became the Japan’s most dynamic manufacturing field. This process is traced in this slide… .
    EE-J electric machine titleEE-J electric machine contents
  • Development of Japanese Lighting Technology
    Toshiba developed Japan’s first incandescent lamp using bamboo filament in 1890. Various lighting devices have been developed since from the incandescent, florescent lamp, to the LED. Here, we observe the lighting device technology in this timeline…..
    EE-J Lighting titleEE-J Lighting contents
  • Development of Japanese Household Equipment (Pre-War)
    The Japanese companies have developed and marketed successfully many electrical goods for household purposes in the pre-war period. In this section we will introduce a series of  such product lines with its background technology…..
    EE-J electric hosehold earlyEE-J electric hosehold early contents
  • Development of Japanese Electric Home Appliances (Post-War)
    The electric industry saw explosive growth in the post-war economic growth. In this period  the technologies of Japanese electric products have flourished and gained the high reputation around the globe. This section shows this process…. .
    EE-J Post war houshold titleEE-J Post war houshold contents
  • Development of Japanese Unique Word Processors
    Japanese makers developed unique word processors using IC and specific software technology to overcome the language barriers. Here we will trace the unique development of the Japanese WP……
    EE-J Word Processor titleEE-J Word Processor contents
  • Development of Japanese PC Industries
    Once Japanese electric makers were formally praised as one of the leading PC producers along with IBM, particularly, in the field of rap top PCs, even the emerging countries catch-upping. This section reviews how these technology was developed with global perspectives………
    EE-J PC titileEE-J PC contents
  • Development of Japanese “Dentaku” Calculators
    The brief history of the electric calculator is shown here.  This unique tool was developed fast replacing mechanical calculators in 1970. It was called “Dentaku” and used  as a popular calculating tool since then in Japan with affordable price. ……
    EE-J dentaku titileEE-J dentaku contents
  • Development of Japanese Robot Technology
    Japanese Robot technology is praised as a worldwide reputation in the area from the industry to the social field.  Among them, the d service related humanoid are becoming popular now. This section shows how these robot technology has been cultivated and been giving impact to the social life……..
    EE-J Robot titleEE-J robot contents
  • Development of Clock ad Watch Technology in Japan
    Since the clock was brought into Japan in 17c,  The various “Wa Dokei ” (unique Japanese clock) were produced in Edo period.. Based on this tradition, the mechanical clock and watches were developed fast afterward. This process is traced in this section…….
    EE-J Clock titileEE-J Clock contents

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