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Hitox06The Home Page provides the chronological review on the Wanchanx01development  of Japanese industry and technology  and the author’s visit reports of  industrial MuseumIllust Rail
museums in Japan

Recent Museum Reports and other Info.

 This Corner shows our new input  on the IGS-Forum Info on the Museum Report and other issues.   

♣  Recent Visit Report on this Section

♥  Visit the “Currency Museum” of Bank of Japan
JOB- Illust x10                      –—Explore the history of monetary affairs of Japan
Revisited the “Money Museum” of Bank of Japan (BOJ) in, Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The museum is a major learning facility on the Japan’s currency and monetary issues. The historical evolvement of Japanese monetary policies is shown there by various real coins and currencies from ancient times to the present.

 Postal- Illuust x02♥  Visit Report “Postal Museum” in Tokyo 
                   — Encountered the roots of Postal service in Japan —
       The museum was showing the extensive history of postal services of old and new in Japan. See full text…

Fuji- M- Logo x02♥   Visit Report “Photo History Museum” of Fujifilm
—Found hot spot of showing Camera History–
The museum looks relatively small, but it provides unique spot talking about the camera history in Japan as well as shows the series of Fuji-film’s flagship cameras. .

Iron Museum- logo x2 ♥    Visit Report of Kamaishi’s “Museum of Iron History”
—Explored the root of modern iron making in Japan—
This museum exhibits abundant materials regarding history of Kamaishi’s ironworks, along with useful information on the Hashino & Ohashi blast furnaces (World Heritages).

 MHI Illust x02♥    Visit to the Mitsubishi Industrial Museum
                — Examined the Challenging Technology of Mitsubishi HI today–
    It was showing the company’s major leading projects, such as environmental energy, deep sea exploration, aircraft, space and rockets equipment, and so on by real products, models, simulations with systematic way.

♣  Other major visit reports:

  ♥  The other recent visit report on the Museums and Historic Sites

        Vist Link (BB)         Olympus microscop Illst 03           Nikon-x26 Nikon Logo                 Front P Visit 001             Front P visit 004        Sony- Iboyy

                            Olympus M              Nikon M                   Camera M                      Silk M                  Sony
    toto-logo-x01TOTO  BS-Illustx12 Logo.JPGB.stone  Chiba-Logo x01.JPGChiba M   NRF- Illust x01 NRF     Egawa- Treasure x02.JPG Egawa  Ishikawa worker x01.JPG Ishikawajima

  Dejima- logo x01.JPGDejima  Siebold- Illust x05.JPGSiebold    Seiko2- Illust 10x.JPGSEIKO  Himoda-Perryx01.JPGShimoda   IHI- Logo x02.JPG I-Muse   Fuji- M- Logo x02 Fuji F
    Tomioka-Illust x06      Hagi logo    Kagoshima- Illust x07  Nagasaki- crane.JPG   Yahata-logo x01 office.JPG    Miike- Illust x06.JPG      MHI Illust x02.JPG
       Tomioka          Hagi       Kagoshima        Nagasaki       Yahata       Miike Coal (1)  (2)    Mitsubishi
    Kamaishi.JPG   Iron Museum- logo x2.JPG    Postal- Illuust x01     JOB- Illust x10BOJ-M
    kamaishi          Iron M         Post M 

 Full Text of Visit Report  is coming by  Click here.

      Kazari Line 03
  New Information on the Industrial Museum      Panda Illust xx

Seiko-picture xx

♥  The  Major Japanese Science and Industrial Museums   (Tentative- more report will be coming )

 ♥  Other Industrial Museums previously introduced  which have   refered in theo “Guide” and “List” of museum in Japan

♣  Time Line View of Japanese Industrial Technology

IGS-Forum illust xxx01IGS -forum front image xx05
       This Corner shows how Automobile and Electrical Industry developed in Japan with historical viewpoint

 Wanchanx01     The Automotive industry is one of the most important and largest industries footer3in Japan, and it is known  in the world of its  technology of high quality, safe and energy saving.  This corner shows how Japanese automobile industries have  developed in history with chronology data..

robot x01

doraemonx05   This corner shows a visual overview of the development of Japanese electric and machinery industry. The illustrated data will outline of the  development process of electric and machinery industries in Japan over the decades.

Nami Line Graphics

♣  Guide to the Science Museum and Industrial Heritage

  This corner shows the major industrial museums and industrial heritages in Japan.Hitox04.jpg

  • Industrial Museums
         In Japan, there are a considerable number of industrial technolTUS S Museum Outlookogy-related museums which are run by private companies and local governments. This section introduce the major Science Museums in Japan and invite you to visit the actual sites.

・ Japanese Industrial Heritage

Tomioka Mill (Old)

Recently several Japanese industrial sites are designate by UNESCO as World Industrial Heritages. This corner will introduce these industrial heritages  which seem to be important to look over the Japanese modernization process and industrial technology development.  (Note: this corner is still preliminary data but plan to expand it in near future)

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♣  Forums for Communication (Organizer’s Blog)

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