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Hitox06The Home Page provides the chronological review on the Wanchanx01development  of Japanese industry and technology  and the author’s visit reports of  industrial MuseumIllust Rail
museums in Japan

Recent Museum Reports and other Info.

 This Corner shows our new input  on the IGS-Forum Info on the Museum Report and other issues.   

Ishikawa worker x01♣  Recent Visit Report on this Section
 This section shows the organizer’s on-spot visit  reports on the industrial museums

♣ Visit Review of Industrial Technology Museum and Facility
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♣ Visit Review of Industrial Heritage Sites

Mietsu- Illust x01    Hagi logo    Kagoshima- Illust x07   Yahata-logo x01 office.JPG    Kamaishi    This section shows the visit reports on the Industrial World Heritage associated with Japan’s industrial technology modernization in the Meiji Period 

♣ “Visiting Report Section” Japanese(日本語訪問記録

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♣  Time Line View of Japanese Industrial Technology

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       This Corner shows how Automobile and Electrical Industry developed in Japan with historical viewpoint

 Wanchanx01     The Automotive industry is one of the most important and largest industries footer3in Japan, and it is known  in the world of its  technology of high quality, safe and energy saving.  This corner shows how Japanese automobile industries have  developed in history with chronology data..

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doraemonx05   This corner shows a visual overview of the development of Japanese electric and machinery industry. The illustrated data will outline of the  development process of electric and machinery industries in Japan over the decades.

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♣  Forums for Communication (Organizer’s Blog)

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