Visit Report of Industrial Museums

This section shows the organizer’s on-spot visiting reports to the industrial
museums and industrial sites. (Note: this corner is still preliminary data but plan to expand it in near future)

♣  Toshiba Science Museum – Visit Impression (B-005)


Recently I visited “Toshiba Science Museum” to expand my knowledge of electric industries in Japan. The museum moved to the new site at near the Kawasaki JR station with major renovation. And the new museum has opened in 2014 after renewal of exhibition. The Museum purposes to show up Toshiba’s advanced technology, but also tries to introduce a historical development of technology of Japan and global world as well with the visual and animating way in the exhibition.Here’s the visit report of the museum.


♣  Introduction of UNESCO’s “World Industrial Heritage” Kyushu-Yamaguchi and Related Areas 

                                Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution sites:

Web Meiji Industrial heritage xyUNESCO has registered the old industrial facilities in Kyushu and Yamaguch region to be a “world Industrial Heritage “ in July 2015. This registration is mean that Japanese challenges of economic and industrial modernization in the Meiji period has been recognized to have global value showing successful examples of industrial development. After the registration, a detailed description is posted on the Web. It provides also video edition in English, so the data will be referenceable for Asian young generations, not only Japanese students who are interested in the Japanese economy. It is a must-see.

♣  Visit Report of Casio Museum (2015.09.07)

M17=TUS xx07This mid-September, I’ve visited “Casio Toshio Memorial Museum” to see the historical collection of Casio’s calculator, watch and musical instrument because I had long wanted to review the Casio’s technology and businesses.



♣   Visit Report of Sumida and Seiko Museum

M13=Seiko xx03The article is description of visit record of Sumida region, Tokyo and Seiko Clock Museum. I  wrote my impression here as visiting this facility on September in 2015.  Please refer to my home page and Facebook for the details and full text.
I expect many people visit the Sumida and the museum, and take their first hands look. It’s really worth to visit to recall how Japanese precision manufacturing developed and its SME’s entrepreneur sprit is lived.


TUS Museum

Silk Museum

Seiko Museum

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