M16 Chiba Museum of Science

♣  Chiba Museum of Science and Industry (Ichikawa, Chiba)


Visitors will find many Japanese industrial technology in the exhibits including energy, petroleum, iron and steel, and machineries with good guidance. They can also available scientific knowledge by the touching and doing by themselves on the floor.


English Pamphlet is available by:  http://www.chiba-muse.or.jp/SCIENCE/e_03.pdf

MM-Chiba Museum_01

The museum introduces mainly topics related to technology, for modern industry. The museum sets up its goal as to provide a place for experiencing various aspects of science and technology which is applied in industry to people at all ages.  

Accsess:    1-1-3 Onitaka, Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture 272-0015
15 minutes walk from Motoyahata Station of Sobu Line
Tel: +81-47-379-2000

History Exhibition Corner:

Introduction of the development of technology and history to the Electric power, Petroleum and Steel Industry characterizing Chiba’s key industrial base

M16=Chiba xx01

First Blast at Kawasaki Steel (1/10 model)

Turbine Rotor at the First Thermal Power Station in Chiba (Real)

M16=Chiba xx03

M16=Chiba xx04

Picture of Petroleum Industrial Complex (Chiba Coastal Industrial Area)


M16=Chiba xx02

Model of Bessemer Converter

High Tech Exhibition Corner:

Introduction of cutting-edge technology of electronics, new materials and biotechnology which have dramatically changed our modern lives and industries.

M16=Chiba xx11jpg

DNA Model Exhibition

M16=Chiba xx06

Cryo-Pump for Ultra-high Vacuum Technique




M16=Chiba xx07

New Materials used for many high tech products including space rocket, aero plain etc.

Experimental Plaza Corner:

Visitors can discover the principle of science used in daily industrial products through hand-on exhibition and experiences

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