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 The Back ground of GS Forum

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This Web site is made to disseminate the information of industrial technology development in Japan, and invite Asian students and young generations to study about Japan industry.
This motive started several years ago when I took part to theSnoopyx01.jpg Japanese government project called “Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT).” That time our academic staff set up a small virtual museum regarding Japanese engineering technology as a part of the “MJIIT Industrial Museum “in the university. After finishing my mission and returned to Japan in 2014, I got an idea to build the similar introductory Web for the Asian students and young people to familiarize with the engineering technology of Japan, especially its mjiit-museum-04development history, because I thought it might enhance the friendship between Asia and Japan.  Then previous time of years, I decided to make a homemade website named the “Asia Japan Industrial Technology Museum Forum” by asking help from an APU student. It was finally completed as a preliminary HP in the middle of November 2015, and after that the conten
ts and forms were revised a little bit, and publicly open it to in August 2016.Snoopyx02The contents are the annals of the industrial technology development and introduction of the industrial technology Museum in Japan, particularly focused on the visiting report (mainly in English, partly Japanese).

Main Structure of IGS-Forum

♠  (First Corner)  Introduction of Industrial Museum in Japan
           (In the ”New Info and Report; Museum Visit” Section)

Museum picture xxximages.jpgThe First Corner is the introduction of industrial museum activities in Japan and visit report by describing real scene of the visit.
The national and local public institutions, and major manufacturing companies establish various type of industrial Rykou imagesmuseum to show the historic records of the development and advanced technology materials as a social activity. These are precious assets vividly describing the previous outcome of industrial development and the goals of modern high-end technology which have cultivated in the Japanese industrial development process. This site tries to introduce these activities with pictures and writings.

♠ (Second Corner) –Chronology of Industrial Technology

Hitox02.png       The first corner is a chronology form of the materials summarizing the outline of the technology development of Japanese major industries, automobile and electric industries.HChartPic03
It is divided into three sections. The first section shows a brief chronology data in the graphic format on the Japanese technology development  referring to the global movement. By looking at this data, the viewers might see the rough figure of development process of both industries.


♠ (Third  Corner) – Development of Automobile and Electric Development 

40818     The second and third section of this corner is about the automotive and electrical/mechanical industries in detail with the form of Auto y01 images.jpgslideshow in the historical perspective. Of course, it is almost impossible to cover all the industrial technology movement in this small corner, but the viewers will be able to figure out the major flow of development, current situation and challenges faced by them.

♠♠ (my hope) – Hitox06

Last but not least, we hope these modest trial Web Homepage data would give some help to enhance knowledge on Japanese industrial technology, and to stimulate Asian young generation to vigorously participate in the industrial development works in their own countries.



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