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アジア・日本産業技術博物館フォーラム ~Snoopyx02.jpg


Front - Image x001 ♣   (新情報とブログレポート)

New Info and Report in JapaneseHitox06.jpg

 このコーナーは、新しくフォーラムで 作成した最近の情報やブログ、また、博物館訪問などについて日本語で掲載しています。日本語版のアクセスは以下です。

♠  最近の博物館訪問の記録 Silk Illust xx


    ⇒  日本語の博物館訪問コーナー → Click this Section

           Olympus microscop Illst 03       Front P Visit 001      Front P visit 004  Sony- Iboyy     toto-logo-x01  BS-Illustx12 Logo.JPG Chiba-Logo x01.JPG  
             Hagi logo   Kagoshima- Illust x07 nagasaki-zosen-illust-x03  Yahata-logo x01 office.JPG Miike- Port x01.JPG    Dejima- logo x01.JPG              

⇒  英語の博物館訪問コーナー → Clock this section

This section shows the organizer’s on-spot visiting reports in English on the industrial museums and industrial sitesM03= Kagaku xx18.  Please access this section,
 the individual information is available in full text. 

frontsub04 ♣  日本の産業技術のタイムライン

Time Line View of Japanese Industrial Technology

   This Corner shows how Automobile and Electrical Industry developed in Japan with historical viewpoint


   Wanchanx01.png The Japanese automotive industry is one of the most prominent and largest industries footer3in the world. And Japanese car is now known worldwide for its sharp design, standard of quality, and advanced innovative technology. It was the result of long untiring efforts of technology development and entrepreneurial spirit. In this corner, this series of moves are reviewed and summarized in this corner as the chronology data along with global movement of automobile technology, and current challenges.

robot x01
doraemonx05.jpgThis corner shows a visual overview of the development of Japanese electric and machinery industry. The slide view will observe the outline of development of these industries over time, including the social background, processes of technological adoption and development, and initiatives in technological innovation with figures of prominent entrepreneurs.

Nami Line Graphics

dentaku x06

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