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The Home Page describes the history of development of Japanese industry and technology by chronological reviews,  with the report of  industrial MuseumIllust RailWanchanx01museums which lively mirror of the technology development process in Japan.

♣   New Info and Report on the Forum

   This Corner shows our new input contents about the IGS-Forum Info on the
Museum Report and other issues with hoping attract viewer.Museum Illust Ashimo images

   See the following info contents:  The industrial museums are introduced with  organizers visit reports here.

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  Toshiba Museum Bilding  This section shows the organizer’s on-spot visiting  reports on the industrial museums and industrial sites.
Please access this section,
 the individual information is available in detail.  

¶ Recent visit  Report:

♥  The recent main visited Museums and Sites

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 Olympus M       Nikon Museum        JICC Camera M             Silk Museum          Sony Archives 
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  New Information on the Industrial Museum      Panda Illust xx

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♥  Newly edited introduction of the  Major Japanese Science and Industrial Museums   (Tentative- more report will be coming before late)

 ♥  (Previously introduced other Industrial Museum  Refer to “Guide” and “List” of museum Japan

♣  Time Line View of Japanese Industrial Technology

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       This Corner shows how Automobile and Electrical Industry developed in Japan with historical viewpoint

 Wanchanx01     The Japanese automotive industry is one of the most prominent and largest industries footer3in the world. And Japanese car is now known worldwide for its sharp design, standard of quality, and advanced innovative technology. It was the result of long untiring efforts of technology development and entrepreneurial spirit. In this corner, this series of moves are reviewed and summarized in this corner as the chronology data along with global movement of automobile technology, and current challenges.

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doraemonx05 This corner shows a visual overview of the development of Japanese electric and machinery industry. The slide view will observe the outline of development of these industries over time, including the social background, processes of technological adoption and development, and initiatives in technological innovation with figures of prominent entrepreneurs.

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♣  Guide to the Science Museum and Industrial Heritage

  This corner shows the major industrial museums and industrial heritages in Japan.Hitox04.jpg
Viewers will be invited to visit these institutions to understand the background of Japanese industrial development and its technology.

  • Industrial Museums
    In Japan, there are a considerable number of industrial technolTUS S Museum Outlookogy-related museums which are managed by private companies and local governments. This section introduce the major Science Museums in Japan by virtual view, and invite you to visit the actual sites.

・ Japanese Industrial Heritage

Tomioka Mill (Old)

Recently several Japanese industrial sites are designate by UNESCO as World Industrial Heritages. This corner will introduce these industrial heritages with other important facilities and sites which seem to be important to record of the Japanese modernization process and industrial technology development. Please examine the following review. (Note: this corner is still preliminary data but plan to expand it in near future)

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♣  Visit Report of Industrial Museums

・ Visit Report 40818

stock-illustration-1男性-バッグThis section shows the organizer’s on-spot visiting reports to the industrial museums and industrial sites. (Note: this corner is still preliminary data but plan to expand it in near future)   

♣  Forums for Communication (Organizer’s Blog)

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The interactive sites for viewers provided by organizers
to  exchange opinions and thoughts with invitations to the events and others.(Note: this corner is still preliminary data but plan to expand it in near future)